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3 Important Conversation etiquettes

Posted by startupidols

Conversation is the art of presenting yourself in front of people. It is the way you capture attention of the people. Effective communication is a skill of sophistication. Conversation etiquette comes with some do’s and doesn’t and every individual should be well aware of conversation etiquette. Wherever you go, the most basic thing through which people judge you is by the way you communicate and present yourself in front of them. You need to capture the attention of the person you’re talking to by knowing the important conversation etiquettes and by avoiding the common mistakes made while having a conversation.

1. Responding with surprise to the news given by people

Whenever your friend or your colleague tells you about something or some news he has been wanting to tell since so long and responding with a phrase like “Oh Really!” is not a good way of taking your conversation further. It might end up the conversation. It shows you disinterest towards their conversation. It’s not that bad to say this phrase but putting a bit of effort can cheer the person sitting in front of you. This forms a major part of soft skills.

2. One word phrases to be avoided for professional communication

Answers like “awesome”, “cool” are the words which do not add much spice to the conversation. It’s good to give positive replies to the person and encourage them. These words can be used to confirm what one is trying to say. However, they may make the conversation dull. Try to make it a bit interesting by asking some questions if not sure about what else to ask.

3. Do not interrupt for effective communication

Have you ever experienced this thing? Well everyone might have. People often tend to interrupt in between conversations to make up their point. Interruptions are a total turn off. If you want to capture the attention of the speaker while you speak, you must listen when he speaks. Whenever this happens, the other person feels like you are least interested in their experience and more in making up and presenting your point. Avoid them.

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