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4 Foreign Author’s Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read.

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Most Entrepreneurs are into reading because they are the ones who are aware of the happenings in the world. Majorly they are the ones responsible for bringing new ideas and innovations in the society. Hence to differentiate themselves, they need to constantly have a check as to whether something similar to their idea exists or not. Reading is the part of their journey. Also, being an Entrepreneur and reading about other person’s journey is quite a resource in moving ahead in terms of business. It helps to recover the mistakes which were committed by them.

An Entrepreneur is way too often stricken by emotions like fear and anxiety and stress, that it sometimes becomes hard to stay focused. Hence, here goes the list of some extremely inspirational books to help stay motivated and also learn from the mistakes of the other businessman.

1.      “The Power of Broke” by Daymond John

This book is for anyone looking to crush those excuses for whatever is holding him or her back from success. After reading this books one can bootstrap the way to success can find a reasonable way to grow the empire. The book also explores how other everyday people took a similar approach. For instance, an entrepreneur started a million-dollar cupcake business with the $33 balance in her checking account.

2.      “All In” by Bill Green

Bill Green describes his 40 years of business experience by sharing insights that helped him to build the largest industrial distributions company in the world. It is a must-read.

3.      “Unshakable” by Tony Robbins

It is a compilation of the best of the best.  It pulls knowledge from the top financial minds in the world to create a playbook for financial freedom.

4.      “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy

Every entrepreneur very well knows that the key to a good business is good sales technique. Not only we sell the product, but also an idea. This book by Brian Tracy gives us the valuable information and strategies about on how to make more selling by focusing on one thing – the person.

By – Nayni Jain

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