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4 Indian Author’s Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Posted by startupidols

Entrepreneurship is more than just being your own boss. It is definitely not an escape from a 9-5 job. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to work double because you are the owner of your company and responsible to take it to heights. It’s about that crazy obsession to take on the world, the never giving up attitude, & being smart enough to learn from those who have been down the same lane.

An Entrepreneur is way too often stricken by emotions like fear and anxiety and stress, it sometimes becomes hard to stay focused. Hence, here goes the list of some extremely inspirational books by Indian authors to help stay entrepreneurs motivated and also learn from the mistakes of the other businessman.

1.      “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” by Rashmi Bansal

This book is by 25 MBAs from IIMA who left lucrative jobs to follow the road of Entrepreneurship. It’s about their dreams, struggles & the journey that they have undergone. Anyone is the entrepreneurial journey should read this.

2.      “The Habit of Winning” by Prakash Iyer

Read this book to blossom the seeds sown in your minds to fine oaks. It has a cluster of success stories, struggle, inspiration for the reader and many more. Altogether it is a self-improvement book for startups, written in simple words.

3.      “You Can Win” by Shiv Khera

This book can boost the confidence of young entrepreneurs, with its self-explanatory tagline – “Winners don’t do different things they do things differently”. The book is an easy read. It has a very common and practical approach that would make any individual think contemporarily.

4.      “Dream with Your Eyes Open” by Ronnie Screwala

He is a man who changed the face of the Indian television with the launch of UTV. From starting up with producing toothbrushes to creating India’s first daily soap, he made quite a number of entries and exits. His journey is a must read for every Entrepreneur.

By – Nayni Jain

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