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5 Awesome Things You’re Losing If You Aren’t Blogging – Blogging Tips

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If you are reading this post, you will surely fall into one of the two categories: You have never started a blog or you may have started one, the blog didn’t get much traffic, and then you lost the motivation to keep working on it. Well, Startup Idols has prepared this post to motivate you to start blogging again with some creative blogging tips.

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Blogging is not a one day task. You have to focus on it every day, regardless of seeing results immediately. But once it grows to a certain stage, it takes a life of its own and then it keeps amplifying.

To motivate you to start blogging, I have laid out the top 5 benefits of becoming a blogger.

You Organize Your Ideas Better With Our Blogging Tips

You learn so many things you go through your professional life. But the problem is that unless you document it somewhere you may forget most of the things you learned.

A lot of people have written several pages of notes. But you know what happens to those notes.

Such notes are not organized and presented well. The motivation to organize it well doesn’t exist because no one else is going to read it. Not even you are not going to read it again. It gets lost over time or just buried somewhere.

Blogging - Writing - Blog Writing - Start Writing - Brand Value - Blogging Tips

When it comes to blogging, it solves the above problem. When you know that someone else is going to read it. No matter how small your audience is, you will arrange and present your ideas in a better way. And when you put your efforts to present it in a better way, you also understand the concepts better and organize it better in your brain!

All blogs, after the certain stage, has the potential to generate revenue. You will never know how it can grow unless you get started. It could be a side project that gives you added income or it could become a source of full-time income.

Start Writing, Traffic will Come

If you are worried about having traffic and readership (which you won’t have initially), then it becomes very hard to motivate yourself to continue blogging consistently.

Those who do not care about traffic and readership are the ones who end up getting it – because their focus is mostly on the most important thing: Writing.

Writing is what counts value to a blog. Traffic is a result of that writing only. So you need to focus more on creating value than the after-effects of that value creation.

Action Steps:

  • Choose a topic for your blog
  • Register a domain name at GoDaddy
  • Get web hosting and start a blog

Create Something, You Become an Artist

Blogging is the easiest way to get your hands dirty in creating something that people will admire.

But you may ask, why create something in the first place?

Humans have a chronic need to express themselves and be unique. That expression can only come from being an artist.

Writing & Speaking Skills Will be Improved

The only way to improve your writing is to write more. I remember my days when I used to write and edit an article several times and I still wouldn’t be satisfied with it. And now most of the blog posts I make are mostly first drafts with just a few edits

When you keep on writing a lot of content, you learn to organize the thoughts in your mind better and bring it out in a regular flow. The rectification reflects in speaking. The skill of talking in front of an audience without any preparation can only be gained from writing extensively. That’s why most of the published authors are almost always good speakers. They speak naturally and effortlessly even in front of large audiences.

When you become a great author, ultimately you become a good speaker. Isn’t thought

So write!

Your Brand and Network Expands

There are some people who just have phone numbers and email IDs. Then some have a few social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. Some people have media coverage in several news publications. I guess you would agree that wider their digital footmarks– higher is their brand value.

Having a blog with good readership influences all this. When you write and people visit your blog to read, share and comment you have the liberty to expand your network. As your network expands, your brand value increases.

By Pallavi Singh

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