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5 Impressive Public Speaking Tips

Posted by startupidols

The art of Public Speaking is a not easy. To deliver your thoughts in front of a known or an unknown crowd, especially for the first time means sleepless nights, nervousness, deadlines, many rounds to the toilet and a lot more. But that challenge needs to be accepted. We all face that moment on stage when we go blank, the moments when we freeze on stage. So, Startup Idols have researched a lot and found out 5 impressive public speaking tips to overcome the fear of stage and to be able to deliver your thoughts eloquently.
here are the aforementioned, Public Speaking Tips:

  1. It’s All About How You Say It

There is a saying, “A good speech is like a pencil, it has to have a point”. Spending a whole week on framing the perfect speech with right points, big words and some very good vocabulary is of nothing new. You try to make it as perfect as possible. Majority of your time will be spent on the content and what to speak but you usually miss on something very big that is ‘How to speak?’. The main role is of our body language and our voice. Content does play a role but the body language and voice have a bigger share. A person’s ability to communicate with its audience is mainly judged by his body language and his voice rather than the content. To be a good public speaker you must also know how to stay confident.

2. Connect Up With The Audience and Engage Them In Whatever You Speak

Try to make your speech as interactive as possible. Make sure that the audience doesn’t get bored with the topic. If this happens, they’ll not concentrate on what you are speaking, as a result, it might lower down your confidence. If you see a good opportunity to say something you think is funny, go for it. Therefore, try to get them to invest into the speech somehow.

3. Connect Better With a Positive Impression

It is not only important to make a lasting impression but to make the positive one. Don’t stick your eyes to one point rather make a meaningful eye contact with the entire audience and try to figure out what type of audience it is and what do they demand for and accordingly handle them. This will help to connect with them in a better manner. Do try to use examples from daily life to make your audience relate to it?

4. The Crucial First Few Seconds

The start of the speech is the most important part. Walk confidently keep your files on the podium properly and greet the audience with a warm smile. It gives them a lot of comfort when the other person has everything under control. Start with a phrase that the audience could relate to strongly.

5. Eat Right For Success

Food is something that might not come to your mind before you are going to give a big speech or a presentation. But if you eat right it can significantly improve the performance.

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