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5 Phrases to Avoid While Writing Business Emails

Posted by startupidols

Emails are the primary source of communication in the Business world. However, there are some rules on how to write a business e-mail and there are certain phrases to be avoided while connecting up with employers, with you being an employee or even with the clients, with you being the owner or any other business relation. People might think that writing an email is a simple task. But, even a single error in that mail could be alarming and drag you in trouble. This can happen because email is the first interaction with the other party. It frames an image in the reader’s mind. As the saying goes, “two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression”. So, it is extremely important in the business world to lay down a good impression on the party, especially if you are going to have a deal with the other one. Hence, given below are some Phrases to be avoided while writing business emails. This would definitely save you from degrading down your first impression.

1.      Don’t hesitate to contact me

The rules of writing business emails are very clear, don’t use such cliche phrases. This in a way is being over polite, which is completely unnecessary. People are well aware that they can contact you for any further assistance. There’s no need for clarification.

2.      Hey/Hi

You need to follow a proper business e-mail format. Starting up with the mail like this is a very unprofessional way. However, if you have been conversing with the person for some time, you can add the name after Hi, or start the mail with just the name.

3.      Kindly

This is again a cliche word. It can be replaced with Please which sounds more genuine.

4.      You don’t know me

Never write this phrase as it will put off the reader. Also, to some extent, it might sound hilarious for the reader. As it is obvious in the Business Emails that at first you don’t know the person and is trying to connect up because of some reason.

5.      I am not an expert

Never say the above phrase. Even if you are not an expert or not having enough knowledge about the subject, you can still give your feedback. Stating the above phrase will result in the reader not taking you seriously.

By – Nayni Jain

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