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5 Tips on how to be a Gentleman

Posted by startupidols

To be a Gentleman is not a trait it is more of a lifestyle. It’s something to be learnt from within. It is a badge that a man should carry with him at all times. A true gentleman is someone who is respected and loved by everyone. This article by Startup Idols will help us to know what exactly it is to be a Gentleman. Let us go through the article to know some tips to be a thorough Gentleman.

Here are 5 tips on how to be a perfect gentleman:

  1. Put Efforts in Appearance

To be a gentleman some efforts are required to be put in to your appearance. It matters the most. Appearance comes with quite a few things. Firstly, stay clean and tidy. Do not smell bad. Secondly, always stay well groomed. That is, for instance, to keep fingernails nuts.

  • Showcase Your Manners

Show off the manners that you have. For instance, give a seat to a woman near you if she’s standing, hold on the groceries for the elderly people etc. These types of manners will portray you as a true gentleman. They might sound silly but they actually make a man look courteous.

  • Always Be on Time

Try not to make anyone wait for you. Be it a woman or any other person. Try to be punctual. Sometimes, you are not prepared for certain things like traffic etc. Instead of giving excuses, try to be on time. Make sure not to make them wait rather try waiting for them. A true gentleman is always on time.

  • Know the Difference between Confidence and Arrogance

NO one is interested in dealing with a person who is egoistic and who shows off. A bit of self-confidence is fine as it makes people admire you but overconfidence can definitely ruin things. Keep it respectful and try to talk properly and in a gentle manner to everyone especially woman. Learn more ways to develop confidence instantly.

  • Be a Lifelong Learner

A true gentleman is always ready to learn things and actively seeks challenges. His intellectual curiosity compels him to constantly try to improve himself. He is emotionally mature, mentally sharp and never hesitates to ask for help. 

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