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5 Tips on How to Stay Self-Motivated

Posted by startupidols

Motivation is an important element of life. One should know how to stay self motivated. You must be thinking what is self motivation? Why is self-motivation important? Don’t worry; I am here to answer your queries. Motivation is that push a person needs to achieve his/her goals. Honestly we human beings are very lazy and do not like to work until there is a need, but life is it is a roller-coaster ride and we cannot lie back and wait for an emergency. Therefore, Startup Idols is here with, 5 tips on how to stay self-motivated.
Here we go:

1.     Celebrate Little Wins

No matter how small the victory is, celebrate it and appreciate yourself at each point this will help you boost your level if motivation. Do not wait for others to appreciate you or encourage you. Do it yourself to stay motivated. Even a small appreciation from your boss, colleagues and family members is worth celebrating. If you celebrate these small victories, it will help you to stay focused on the bigger goals and to keep yourself and your surroundings really happy. So, celebrate every success small or big.

2.     Keep Your Cards Close to You

In order to stay motivated, always keep your cards to yourself. For instance, you are having a new diet plan or the project plan. You are not required to announce it to everyone. You can share it with your family members, or with your close friends but announcing it to the world would not help. It might turn things upside down and also spread negativity. So, try to keep your cards to yourself.

3.     Stop Comparing

Put an end to comparison is one of the most important tip to stay self motivated. Be gentle on yourself and do not compare yourself with others. Yes, in today’s world, the competition is at its peak. But everyone has their own abilities and skill sets. No two are the same in any manner. Also, today’s world is of social media where people share their success on the daily basis which might demotivate you a bit but that might not always be true. So, you need to stop comparing and focus on your goals.

  • Always Do What You Love

If you are passionate about something and you work towards it, success will follow. Butit should also help you to have a living. You need to make sure that you are able to make a living out of it because ultimately at the end of the day, that is something which matters the most.

5.     Take Criticism Properly

Criticism can work wonders to boost your confidence. At the workplace, even if people have no such intentions, they might end up creating a negativity inside you. But you must turn all negative criticism into positive motivation. Failure is a state of mind. If you think you can succeed, no one can stop you. So, instead of pondering over past disappointments, make your route towards positive energy required to work harder with the help of our motivational ideas.

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