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5 tips to Create Personal Blogs and Become a Blogger

Posted by startupidols

Blogging is becoming a thing these days. People are getting involved with the world by coming forth with exciting and creative ideas. The highlighting part is that people are making money through it. People are giving vent to their emotions through blogs. From sharing funny incidents to sharing outrage about the controversy that happened for Padmavat to opinions about the college rules and many more, Blogs are made.

With several options like WordPress, Tumblr and Medium it has never been difficult to publish blogs. WordPress is an ideal choice for a blogging. It is free to download, install, use, and modify. Allows us to give Blogs our customised look. Also has hundreds of template themes to choose from. Apart from text, it supports images, audios, and video content. Before starting a blog from scratch, we need to be familiar with certain terms that will be used during the process of creating a “WordPress” blog, which will help you create a blog of your own.

1.      Domain Name

The name through which people will access the blog/website is the domain name. Just the way, house address is used to find a person’s home, same way domain name specifies the name of the blog.

2.      Sub-domain

It is a subset of the domain name. For example, in www.wordpress.comwww is a sub-domain on wordpress.com.

3.      Theme

It is the aesthetics of the page. Themes decide how the blog will eventually look like. WordPress offers numerous themes to choose from.

4.      Plugin

It is a special tool that you can use to enhance the functionality of your blog. If you want to improve readers’ experience and manage your blog easily, you can leaf through plugins.

5.      Widgets

They allow us to change our blog’s design without having in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and get on to WordPress to start up with your own blog.

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