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9 Tips for Writing Interesting Blog Content

Posted by startupidols

If you cannot spike and maintain the interest level of the reader, then as a writer you will be instantly dismissed. It might sound rude but unfortunately, this is the fact. The world is content saturated and the reader is spoilt with choices. So, if you fail to deliver the type of blog content people enjoy reading, you’re expected to face the tough time ahead.

 Writers often complain that there is so much else to do apart from writing. It includes research, formatting of the content, references and now the demand to write engaging content.

content is king

Thankfully, there are ways that make sure that you write the trendy and interesting content. some of them are exclusive, some are known but not put to use, and some are very generally that we tend to overlook them.

However, this is for sure that once you read the article carefully and follow these tips, you will definitely be able to combine and play better with words.

  1. Write as a storyteller

Information is for which the reader has reached to your vlog but if you tell them about their search result in a story way, they will remain hooked to your content.

But you cannot start with “once upon time” format. You need to stimulate the interest of the reader by creating the intrusive aspect of their mind so that they want to know about it and continue reading further.

Storytelling content

For example, if you are writing a food blog, then share your own experience in it. Do not drag it too long and make it a part of your autobiography.

Anyone can write a blog but the challenge is to write an interesting one.

The audience now wants to listen from words which means that you give them articles that are not at all boring and monotonous.

Well, if you want your audience to connect with you, then share your own experience in between.

  • The first-person style always rules

Writing in this style is casual. It is like having a conversation with your reader.

The new trend is to write content which involves and submerge the reader in the content. with the first-person tone, the interest level is not lost in the first few lines and they continue to read it till the end.

You see, it makes a whole lot of difference when you read “I really enjoy the trip to the Maldives as the beaches have soft white sand. Even the local cuisine is mouth-watering and you cannot simply miss their authentic sea food.”

But, if you deliver the same information by saying “the Maldives has the best beaches in the world as it has white sand and the food available there is too exotic”, it fails to create the impact and appears dull.

  • Prefigure

Well, when your inbox has an image which you have received don’t you judge it by the foreshadow of it? Well, the hazy image is enough for you to decide whether you want to download it or not. Same works with the reader of your content.

You try to give them “hint” of what is coming ahead in the story.

This does not mean that you need to disclose everything in the beginning. All you need is to mention a little about what is yet to come and ignite the interest of the reader. This also helps them to have an estimate that you are not dragging the blog but you still have important information for the reader.

  • Movement and changeover

This is tricky as any kind of writeup has its whirling and twists. But an abrupt or hasty twist can confuse the reader. They might feel disconnected and wade away for something more interesting. Also, simply sing words can never make the transition smooth.

Instead, try to go for a change over with symbols, arrows, and other direction giving signs and codes that will achieve two purposes, first, it will break the monotony of the reader and second, it will add life to the content.

  • Write short but meaningful sentences

This is the most common mistake which even the seasoned writer commits. They write very long sentences in order to explain something to the reader. The word count extends because they do not want to break the flow.

But the fact is, it bores the reader. Short meaningful sentences make the read crisp and interesting. For instance, a sentence like “we actually enjoyed the cool breeze and food together with the company of our friends who had joined us on the trip as they wanted to meet us on the reunion which was organized by the alumni of the college”.

Short and Meaningful Content

This 40-word sentence has too much information about the trip, company, purpose and of course the reunion. But the exciting element is diluted with the long sentence. If framed crisp, it will sound exciting by using short sentences like “we really enjoyed the reunion this year. It was organized fabulously by the alumni group of our college. The weather was awesome and we enjoyed the evenings in particular with a cool breeze and mouth-watering food served to us”. 

  • Do not extend the content impractically

Word count matters but it does not rule the world of content. Writers are worried about their word count and they sometimes add irrelevant length to the content. those who get paid for their word count are the ones who should actually worry about it.

But, if you want to grasp the attention of the reader, then concern about the quality of the content. It is somehow related to the word count as well, how?

 Well, the more you research and dig deeper to get information for the content, the more you find information about it. Naturally the length of your content increase. So, you need not to worry about the length of your writeup. Make sure you cover full information which is relevant to the topic.

  • Do not limit the content to restrict the word count

Content length is tricky, long or short, it matters to the value of content.

You should say enough and that is the perfect way to measure the length of the blog or article.

Writers need to deliver crisp content, it means that make it concise but has a seamless flow which does not hinder the readers’ interest. An article needs everything, an outline, words, examples, summary, and even a structure.

The irony is all, is supported with words. There is nothing else apart from images that make a good read.

I find it extremely challenging to give my content everything with mere words. Images are there but they cannot do the job alone. They support the content and break the monotony, but do not convey the message.

Perfect reading material has the perfect balance of words, not a tad more or less.

  • Be see-through

When you are reading this article, you know that it is exclusively about how to increase the content quality. As a writer, it is my duty to deliver what I have committed in the beginning. I cannot write anything beyond the topic and of course, need to specific about my opinion.

Even if need to distill my content, the only result which comes from it is to write about the topic. So, you deliver what you promise.

Do not use fancy words, they don’t work anymore. Instead, use the right words in the right place.

  • Use full-stop often

Well, you understand what I say? Great, so no more giving your reader a wall of content.

This is not the reputation to pointer 5 which says use short sentence.

Breaking sentence does not mean that you cannot write long sentences or has poor grammatical skills for joining words. But it does not make the read boring. You can check the journals and find out what difference it has with blogs and articles, especially the online ones.

Online readers generally skim through the write up as they are in a hurry or sometimes read in their really short breaks that can even be for less than a minute.

Short sentences are helpful to them. First, they sooth the brain and enhances the visual presentation. The message is clear. You will not read a long wall of content and so the reader is prompted to read the article.

Second, it helps to absorb the information and the reader remains hooked to the content.


Writing skills are judged by the readers who want to find answers to their queries and searches in the simple combination of words. As a writer, you might have a different perspective which wants to show your skills and knowledge of the language. But, unless you have a dedicated audience, you cannot simply claim that you have the best writing skills.

Writers essentially need not to write to impress the readers but to give solutions to the questions in a smart way. content should not waste their time and answer the normal people in the simplest way.

Author Bio: “Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Ranking By SEO. In his professional life he has written many useful articles about WordPress, social media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.”

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