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A Successful Entrepreneurs Meetup in Mumbai Organized by The Lifestyle Portal

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On Saturday,11 August 2018 a seminar was conducted. It was The Lifestyle Portal’s 1st Entrepreneurs’ Meetup. The Meet-up that was held in Mumbai comprised of 23 diverse participating businesses. There were around eighteen participants who presented a talk based on how challenges helped them in their entrepreneurial journey. The speakers at The Lifestyle Portal’s 1st Entrepreneurs’ Meetup were oblivious to the fact that they were being judged. The judgement was on the basis of their presentation, concept and business model.

This event was different from other contemporary meetups. The Entrepreneurs’ Meetup in Mumbai was not limited to exchange of visiting cards and conversations. Rather it was more attentive towards furnishing time to all entrepreneur attendants. It encouraged them to predominantly promote their respective brands. Not only this, it also enlightened the participants on how to run and protract their business. It further illuminated them on how challenges can turn out to be beneficial to them.


Tanya Munshi with Sanjay Mujkherjee & Avishek Ganguly at The Lifestyle Portal’s Meetup in Mumbai

Above all, it was quite heartening to see an assemblage of women entrepreneurs across various age groups who attended the meetup. At the Meetup, there was an amazing line-up of visiting speakers, an outstanding blend of emerging entrepreneurs and also an impeccably devised schedule for the session. Meanwhile, Sanjay Mukherjee, a start-up mentor and Founder of The Mountain Walker and RedstoneSummerhill and Avishek Ganguly, a talent acquisition specialist and the Founder of Calls Incorporated extended their mastery to all the participants dipped in wit and hilarity. They came into the limelight and highlighted some relevant yet subverted characteristic of sustaining a business. Raina Khatri Tandon, a Breakthrough Coach and Rituparna Mitra, a sustainable living evangelist also inspired us with exceptional examples.

The Lifestyle Portal’s 1st Entrepreneurs Meetup in Mumbai.

Some Presentations along with Funtime at the Meetup

The narratives of the emerging entrepreneurs at the Meetup in Mumbai was quite an epiphany. They fought against all odds to demonstrate their endurance in their entrepreneurial journey. It was a marvellous experience to see everyone presenting their narration with eloquence. The fact that the speakers were unaware of being judged, made the seminar all the more exciting.


Furthermore, the latter half of the Meetup was open to all the attending entrepreneurs. All 23 entrepreneurs were allocated a three-minute duration to showcase their brand. It was established on the concept of ‘challenges’ and how they have carved out a niche for themselves through those challenges. Consequently, this round was quite an incredible learning platform for one and all. The participating entrepreneurs gave an intricate delivery on almost every challenge they met and how they vanquished them. This further ignited their determination to progress.

Challenges of Our Entrepreneurs

For some entrepreneurs, the challenges imposed on them was to economically support a family member. While for others it was providing an opportunity for their children to lead a good quality of life. Others had to overcome the challenges of acquiring an identity for themselves, and even flip their career choice or give in to their fondness of becoming an established entrepreneur.


It was quite a task for Sanjay and Avishek to assess such a diverse group. After much contemplation, the judges came up with some parameters for assessing the participants’ 3-minute presentations on a scale of 1-4.

Tanya Munshi with Aparna Garg – Founder of Let’s Get Lost and Apoorva Mairal – Founder of The Sweet Store

Ultimately, it was Aparna Garg, the founder of Let’s Get Lost who won the Best Presenter award. Anushree Chatterjee Patni, founder of Goregaon Highway Pulse bagged the prize for the Most Innovative Concept; and Salloni Malkani, co-founder of The FBAI won the award


Some of the notable entrepreneur participants who presented a talk for the first time in their careers were Shraddha Kiran Sawant. She is a Dealer in Floria Naturals Products which specializes in herbal soaps, cow therapy soaps and many more. The other participating entrepreneur was Neha Chavan. She is a Founder of Elegant Jewels known for reasonably priced daily fashion jewellery. Then we had Megha Kumbhar, who is a Founder of Nurturing Talents.

Our participating entrepreneurs were happy they attended the meetup especially to listen to each other’s triumphant entrepreneurial journeys and to extend support to one another and shape this event into a success.


The Lifestyle Portal Joins Hands with Startup Idols as their Media Partners for The 1st Entrepreneurs Meetup

Startup Idols feels proud to call our self the Media Partner for such a great meetup by TLP. Moreover, it was quite an honour for Startup Idols to join hands with Tanya Munshi for The Lifestyle Portal’s 1st Entrepreneur Meetup. Our services range from Digital Marketing, Content writing, Graphics Designing to Web Development. We also provide space to our clients for publishing their Press Release and blogs that surely helps them to acquire online presence on a large scale. Startup Idols also supports fresh ideas and mould them into a success story. Our mission is to encourage start-up entrepreneurs and assist them to reach a bigger audience worldwide. Though our headquarter is located in Kolkata, we serve clients across nations.

The Lifestyle Portal – Tanya Munshi

Tanya Munshi – Founder of The Lifestyle Portal at the 1st Entrepreneurs Meetup in Mumbai

Tanya Munshi expanded her e-publishing platform – The Lifestyle Portal into an expedient and lucrative business. She has been tirelessly working on building her brand and focusing her strength on reconstructing the 7-year old e-publishing platform into something that holds meaning in the sight of other entrepreneurs. As a result of her hardwork Tanya Munshi has been highly successful in her endeavour.

The journey is not easy though. It demands enormous patience. Many of the entrepreneurs who have been featured in the Lifestyle Portal come with a passion to build something for themselves and bestow meaningfully to their families and society.

There is a surety that these businesses are surely going to triumph as they contribute to the society to a great extent.

Tanya Munshi, the Founder of The Lifestyle Portal, has been the backbone of this entire event where she has put her heart into the work. Tanya’s ability to single-handedly conduct this meetup has surely left us all impressed. We are already awaiting another meetup like this.

Photo Credit: Anand Rohimal

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