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9 benefits of Guest Posting | Startup Idols

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What is guest posting?

Guest Posting is the technique of getting traffic to your website or blog, improving your website’s DA and PA, and ranking it high. Guest posting makes your target of getting desired traffic to your website easier.

When you make a post related to your brand or blog on a different website with higher traffic to attract viewers is called guest posting. It means you are a guest on someone else’s website. The content has to be yours but will be posted on a third-party website with a hyperlink to your blog. This enables their traffic to reach your blog and increases your traffic as well.

Benefits of Guest Posting:

  1. Building your personal network:

    When you plan to be a guest on someone’s website or blog, you eventually approach the owner which helps in building connections with other bloggers. You get to know them well as you start sharing posts.

  2. Improves your writing skills:

    It is very obvious that guest posts are done on a website with higher traffic and better DA & PA than your site. And getting guest posts approved on such sites is a task. Your content needs to be really creative, well-presented, and free of grammatical errors. This mindset and enthusiasm of getting your guest posts approved on a renowned website motivate you towards betterment.

  3. Gaining Traffic:

    Once your guest post is approved and on the website, you start gaining traffic and popularity. More and more people reach your blog and help in improving your website’s analytics.

  4. Better DA & PA:

    With an increase in traffic, the DA & PA of your blog is very likely to become better. DA & PA determines where your website stands and how useful it could be for the readers.

  5. Ranking higher:

    Better DA & PA and increased traffic help in ranking your site higher in the worldwide Alexa Ranking system. Not only this but it increases the worth of your website.

  6. Guest post requests:

    Once a guest poster will not be a guest poster forever. As your site’s worth increases, you too will start receiving guest posting requests from websites with lesser performance. You can charge for these guest posts if you wish and earn a passive income.

  7. Exchange of traffic:

    Not only earn money, but you can earn cross-traffic also via guest posting. Instead of asking for an amount for allowing guests to post on your site, you can ask for a link exchange. This helps both parties exchange their traffic.

  8. Social Media Shares:

    When you allow a particular guest to post on your website, he shares the post with his social media circle which again attracts traffic to your website.

  9. Banding and Brand Awareness:

    Guest posts add value to your brand and create brand awareness amongst a wider range of people. By creating guest posts on popular sites, you make more and more people aware of your brand.

The benefits of Guest Posting are extensive. To read more of such content, subscribe to our newsletters.

By: Atoofa Khushnood

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