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Career Scope in Graphics Designing

Posted by startupidols

There are many career scope in graphics designing. It is more often categorized into the field of visual communication. Graphics designing comprehends topics such as film making, photography, illustrations etc. It is the art of planning and projecting ideas through the visual and textual format. Graphics design is almost everywhere. The ads in the newspapers, magazines, the logo of your company etc are all the part of graphics designing.

Due to the massive growth in the exchange of information, there has been a consistent increase in demand for a graphic designer. This field has huge scope in today’s world. A professional graphic designer is the one who has in-depth knowledge in the various domains of the area. Several universities now deliver programs in this field entirely online, catering to aspiring graphic designers who need flexibility and convenience in earning their degree. The various career scope in graphics designing are:

1. Publication/Print

Celled by another name as editorial design. It involves creative typography, designing layouts for the magazines, books, paper etc. Often the newspaper and magazine publishers employ editorial designers to make the layouts.  Designing the book covers, selecting the font and many more things are done by the book designers.. Editorial designer, Editorial Graphics Designer etc are the common titles they are being given.

2. Advertising/Marketing

Advertising and marketing graphic designers ensure that pre-publication art meets technical requirements. They help a company to design their product using compelling graphics to create images that convey complex ideas and emotions. This work can be challenging, especially when balanced against colour requirements in print and other limitations (like file size) in digital media. Job titles for graphic designers in this field include creative director, brand strategist, and web designer.

3. Interactive Designers

They are the ones responsible for designing the web and ease of use by the final audience known as User experience or the UX. Although Graphics Designers don’t need any technical knowledge but they might sometime work with the web development team. The job titles for this post will be, Interaction Designer, UX Product Manager.

4. Motion Graphics

These are the designers who work on multimedia projects. Although it is similar to the animation which involves visual effects. They use graphics design principle to make videos, films etc. Job titles include Motion Designer, Multimedia designer etc.

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