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COVID Hero – Pawan Lohia Helping Needy Families in Kolkata

Posted by Md Afraz Alam

Pawan Lohia, residing in Kolkata, Aged 45, a BNI member, and a COVID Hero. It is not always necessary to help people with money, food, or clothes. Sometimes, a shoulder for crying, hope for living, or a glass of water is also more than the world’s entire wealth.

Pawan is neither a doctor nor a medical staff or a social worker. But he is a Human Being. And that’s what we need to be the most in these times of crisis. He has been doing his best to help COVID positive patients and their families by giving referrals to doctors, oxygen cylinder providers, hospital beds availability, and others.

Pawan knows the pain pretty well, unlike many others, because he lost his motherly Aunt (Bua) to COVID. His Aunt was tested positive with COVID19 on a Friday. After a lot of struggle, the family managed to get a bed in one of the hospitals in Kolkata. But unfortunately, she couldn’t win her fight against COVID and passed away the next morning at around 9 AM.

Pawan says that his Aunt was like a mother to him and she was the epitome of universal love, selflessness, sacrifice, and being non-judgemental. She was a lady that’s rare to find in today’s world. He is in pain yet trying his bit to help as many as he can. Maybe that helps him in the recovery of the pain of losing a mother.

Let’s all pray for Pawan’s Aunt and take COVID19 seriously as we do not want to let go of such great souls so early.

Lohia says, “It’s my humble request to everyone, no matter how many incidents we come across, let’s not bring down our sensitivity towards life & death. In the end, let’s remember that in life the most precious thing is life itself. Let’s hope and pray and have faith that like so many other calamities and hazards, humanity shall stand up to this as well. And we will come out of this as better human beings, more sensitive to each other and much more sensitive to the environment.”

Pawan is still ready to offer his helping hand to anyone in need. If you think he could be helpful to you, you may contact him on +91-9903800354, 24*7.

Covered by: Atoofa Khushnood

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