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The Company 3D CAM Designs was created by a group of professional engineers with integrated approach and experiences in the field of Mechanical Design & its innovations. The team is convinced that quality, innovation & service are cornerstones that guide our culture while building our legacy. For them, the customer is center of everything. They want to add value and nurture the long-term-partnerships with their designs and solutions to engineered products. What this company offers is a lot more than just security. Manikanta R founded this company a year ago.

The Mission statement of this company is – Only when we learn to see the invisible, we will learn to do the impossible. The journey started when chain link teammates from the same designing background wanted to explore the world. They decided to start their own company – 3D CAM Designs and Manikanta R is the Founder and CEO of the company. He started this business at the age of 26 along with the support of his family. Moreover, his mom and dad keep him motivated throughout. This company offers various services namely Product, Design and Development, Simulation and Kinematics, DTC Engineering while also offering Value & Reverse Engineering.

Manikanta said, “Competitors will be everywhere it just that who picks the right boat to land his journey” while discussing his competition in the market with Startup Idols. He signed off with, “Be focused on your goals and destination where you want to land up.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Manikanta R or 3D CAM Designs at:

Email: info@3dcamdesigns.com
Phone: +919035082324
Website: www.3dcamdesigns.com
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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