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Marketing wire is an online marketing firm from the serene hills of Meghalaya, with an aim of taking businesses to the next level. They believe in the passion for creativity and marketing and how this can be used to simplify communication and engagement. With this, they currently offer Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Services to businesses across the globe. Badal Nyalang is the founder of this firm and started this company on his own. After receiving few positive responses, three of his friends joined the team.

Badal is an Electronics graduate and loves content marketing. Since the age of 16 he wanted to become an Entrepreneur and his dream came true 11 years later in October 2017 when he started Marketing Wire. He comes from a family of non-entrepreneurs and has full support from his single mother. As for his mother, she has always told him to do what you believe and you’ll always have me at your back.

Though this is his first business, he has been a part of marketing for years and knows it well. The idea behind this startup sparked off after knowing that there are tons of companies starting up in India and worldwide and all these would need online marketing if they want to stay ahead of the competition and that’s when it clicked. He knew marketing and content marketing and realized they were there at the right moment. So he created a platform to connect the local youths to their talents and have a working place which everyone loves. He told us that choosing the name was simple. They knew marketing and the how it will connect everyone to marketing hence, Marketing Wire.

The mission statement of this firm is:

“We believe through work we can bring in the best of people and remove the ceiling that stops oneself to know their true potential. Work & Fun goes hand in hand, that’s our mantra.”

The first milestone for the firm was getting their first client in starting month and this has helped Badal to work hard and achieve the deadlines delivering quality every time. Also, it is the quality of work and low charge that customers choose this firm over the others.

During the end of the interview, Mr. Badal Nyalang concluded with a tip for upcoming start-ups, “Be clear, be precise and start what you believe you can do. Obstacles and challenges will always be there but overcoming them is what a start-up is all about.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Badal Nyalang & Marketing Wire at:

Phone: +918732855544
Location: Shillong, Meghalaya, India

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