Alonehands: Promoting talent and Passion

Alonehands is a start-up by Utkarsh Pandey and Adarsh Vats to promote talents and stage to students. Utkarsh started this company at the age of 17. The idea behind this company was a thought to open a firm which solely concentrates on helping the bright students. This firm helps students to achieve success in the fields of their interest.

Utkarsh told the Startup Idols team about how he developed his first game at the age of 12 but had no professional help to move forward in this field. As he comes from a family of entrepreneurs, the decision to help other students as a businessman rather than NGO was obvious. His family partially supported him in this endeavour and are proud of his passion to achieve his dreams.

At Alonehands, the company helps students to achieve success in the field related to their talents. For example, if one student is good in painting then this firm provides them with courses and investment along with also a stage to show their talent. In return, the students are supposed to give 15% of their profits to the company. As of now, more 30 schools are currently joined with us and 1000+ students are part of this firm.

The name resembles the thinking of the co-founder and has ‘We care about you’ as the mission statement. The education system being their major issue, they use offline and online ways to promote the firm along with organizing seminars. Adding further, he had a message for upcoming start-ups, “There is no specific time to start. When you feel you are ready enough to start, start.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Utkarsh Pandey & Alonehands at:

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Phone: +918800149091
Location: Delhi, India

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