Amitava Dasgupta: Founder of Fashion Darbaar

Fashion Darbaar, owned by Amitava Dasgupta is a fashion brand that deals in leather products like wallets and clutches. They offer amazing fashionable products which are available online on Amazon and Flipkart by the brand name ‘Rebel Color’.

‘Fashion Darbaar’ was established in the year 2014 when Amitava was 29 years old. He has always been a motivated and determined person and has always believed in living his passion. It was his passion to have a business of his own which motivated him to shift from his MBA – Marketing field into the fashion industry.

Like many start-up entrepreneurs, Amitava also had to face his father’s doubtful looks, though his mother had been a moral support for him. His father was not 100% satisfied with Amitava’s idea of having an online fashion brand. But how can a father leave his son alone at such a crucial stage? Hence, Mr. Dasgupta agreed upon being a financial support for his son, Amitava. And no doubts, his father did not take a wrong decision. He is now very happy to see his son do great.

Amitava belongs to a family of entrepreneurs hence he says, “Since birth I guess I wanted to do something of my own. And it’s there in my blood.”

The fashion industry is a highly competitive industry and ‘Fashion Darbaar’ BRAND – ‘Rebel Color’ has managed to make a mark in the fashion world due to the quality, design, simplicity and affordable pricing of their products. They use social media marketing strategy to promote their products.

Like any other start-up, ‘Fashion Darbaar’ also started with one product, which is selling kurtis and now have taken over leather products too.

Dasgupta says, “People have insulted me for a long time and tried to put me down. But I am not quitter, I am a stubborn person. I become more active when I have been thrown a challenge.” This proves that criticism has been his biggest motivation towards the achievement of his goals.

Tips from Amitava for upcoming entrepreneurs: “Never give up. Be an opportunist, don’t be dependent on anyone, not even your team. It’s your duty to fulfill your dream.”

For any queries or services related to the same, you may contact ‘Fashion Darbaar’ at:

Mobile: +91 7044054640
Website: N/A
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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