Anupam Sharma: Founder & CEO of Enlte

Here we have Anupam who became an entrepreneur immediately after he crossed his teens. He has had multiple successful startups since he started while he was in the college. One of the recent projects that Anupam is working on is Enlte. It is a long-awaited and a dream project that Anupam wanted to start with for last 3 years. ‘Enlte’ is pronounced as ‘en-light’ which is the motive behind this project.

‘Enlte’ is a social app where you can rate your experience and broadcast it to the people around you. Sharma says, “Our motive is to give power to the users. We give each and every user to right to rate their experience, a right to express how do they feel. We give them a platform to broadcast their complaints or negative experiences to people around them which helps other users to have an idea about a place or product before buying it or using it. It is not only about sharing negative experiences but also positive comments about a product or service. In addition to that, you have a feature to air anything you want nearby. You can air any question and it will be tagged. And whenever you are around that particular area (where the question was posted) you will get a notification in your app to answer the question and same for complaints and help people nearby.”

Anupam Sharma has been creative, passionate and determined since his childhood. He enjoyed spending time with computers, exploring new things and creating innovative stuff. He learned coding and developing applications at a very early age. And most of the coding for ‘Enlte’ is also done by him.

Anupam belongs to a non-entrepreneurs’ family, his mother being a government employee. He has one of the major qualities that an entrepreneur has ‘risk taking’. He says, “I love taking risks and innovating things. Maybe that’s why I am an entrepreneur.”

Like any other middle-class family, the Sharma family also wanted their son to take a job and live a life of an employee. But Anupam didn’t want to be an employee, rather an employer.

Anupam is very confident about this project as his company themselves are the pioneer of PR & Marketing and he knows well how to brand his product. He believes that ‘Enlte’ is a very helpful app as it gives users the freedom of speech digitally. It provides users a platform to help and get help from people around them. Its a completely new technology based on LBSN (Location Based Social Network). His team is working on implementing AR and Blockchains in the 3.0 version of the app.

On asking Anupam, what keeps him motivated, he replied saying, “This is my dream project. I don’t need motivation for this. I am automatically motivated by my dream. I have been thinking about it day and night from last 3 years. However, even if I feel low, I just think about the bigger picture and just focus on making it all right.”

“I vision this company to be the NEXT UNICORN in the start-up industry. In the next year, I would like to launch 3 stable versions of the app. Targeting India and USA as major markets. India alone has around more than 350 million social media users.”

‘Enlte’ is going to be launched on 1st November 2017 for Android.

A tip from Anupam for the upcoming entrepreneurs: ”Just do what you feel. Create something innovative, something which can solve a major problem and it will automatically make money. Create something that is different and awesome. Improve an experience, bring a change while innovating or developing something. The world needs us, we can transform this world.”

For any further information, you may contact ‘Enlte’:

Mobile: +91 0172-4021101
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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