Artkeval: Bamboo based Interior Decor

There has been an alarming rise in the use of timber, plastic, plaster of Paris, rubber, polymer etc in the construction industry. Using these products in our daily life puts a burden on ecological footprint. Therefore, to reduce the use of such harmful materials, Uttam Kumar Bose came with an idea of using Bamboo as raw material. Artkeval deals with specially crafted exotic Bamboo based types of furniture, decoratives, interior decor, bamboo ceilings & flooring.

He always wanted to start his business. One of his start-up in 2011 wasn’t a success and he came up with the idea for Artkevel a few months ago. Uttam Bose comes from a mechanical engineering background and from a family of strictly no entrepreneurs. Also, his passion for doing creative work and concern on ecological footprint helped him in starting this business, in addition, his family is quite supportive of him and prays for his success.

The items of furniture & interior decor made by artistic Bamboo work. He chooses Bamboo because Bamboo is a grass & matures in 3 to 5 years while timber takes 25-30 year. Also, bamboo is much stronger than timber and can replace timber. He started this company on his own during the 2017 year end. Artkeval started with promoting & selling handicrafts and graphic designing. They have evolved the business to primarily exotic bamboo furniture & interior, home decor items from bamboo, jute, terracotta & organic materials.

Everyone loves decorating their house with artistic furniture while shifting towards eco-friendly mindset. Artkeval’s mission resembles this: Every human should craft their lifestyle from artistic & creative interior solution which are eco-sustainable. This is a fresh concept which is unique & sustainable with good quality. The cost is also cheaper in most of the cases as compared to solid wood furniture, as a result, attracting more customers.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Artkeval & Uttam Kumar Bose at:

Phone: +919099928987
Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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