Aslaan Enterprises – Motivate the Growth in Garment Sector

Aslaan Enterprises started in 2013, the hope of Business motivate to grow in garment and entertainment sector.  Azhar Ahmed Shaikh is the founder of this enterprise.  At a very young age, he alone came up with this idea. As of now, his Enterprise has been more than 4 years.

Aslaan Enterprises believes in fulfilling the needs and demands of the people. The name of the company derives from Turkish word Aslaan which means “Lion”.

Azhar Ahmed Shaikh belongs to the family of non-entrepreneurs. His mother supports him a lot and also motivates him whenever he feels low. He belongs to the same educational background as his business.

He says “I wanted to start my own clothing trends with my sister who is going to design for us.” And at the age of 18, he started Aslaan Enterprises.

He markets his business using Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Azhar Ahmed Shaikh and Aslaan Enterprises at:

Phone: +91-8655860914
Website: NA
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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