Branding your business identity with VEP Consultancy

Subash Chandra Bose Elango - VEP Consultancy - Startup IdolsSubash had a belief while in college, an aim on what to do with that belief and determination to achieve the same. He believed every individual or even a business had a brand-name or identity of its own. A business or a profession is not simply a concept. Subash believed that it has a life of its own which should be nurtured, protected against all pains and given strength in the harshest of times.

This gave birth to VEP consultancy; a brand management company that Subash is running successfully for a decade. He had good educational qualifications and could have easily pursued a well-paid job in a top-notch company. But passion forced him to divert and early mentors guided him in his quest to achieve what he believed in. It is interesting to note that his origin from a family of non-entrepreneurs.

And, Subash started his business when he was just 24 all by himself. Yet, the urge to be independent and make a difference in the world encouraged him to follow his passion. His family supported him a lot and today VEP Consultancy is a pan-India firm earning revenues in crores! The firm has a wide reach today both online and offline.

The ethics and values followed by the staff of VEP consultancy continue to aid the firm in its rising success. From his journey, Subash learned a lesson which he always shares with hundreds of other passionate dreamers like himself; Be go-getters! Want something? Reach out; you will soon hold it!”

VEP Consultancy and Subash can be contacted at:

Mobile: +919482919686
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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