BySmita – Gifts that Grow and Add Value to Nature

Gifts that Grow – BySmita is a gift line by from Kolkata with an eco-friendly initiative. The name says it all. Every product that is manufactured and procured either grows into plants or adds meaning and value to nature. It’s either a recycled product or made out of elements that are eco-friendly by nature. Though this is an extension of her gifting range and she been more passionate about these products. She believes that if it’s a gift we have to invest in, it should be something that is useful, fun, innovative and adds value to nature.

Her range has gifts for all age and many occasions. BySmita’s ‘grow it yourself kits’ come in many varieties, a perfect kit for kids and beginners who want to grow. Her pencils that grow has become a favourite return gift pack and the organic crayons are a super hit for toddlers who love to scribble. ‘The notebooks that grow’ and ‘calendars that grow’ come in customized sizes and artwork, a perfect corporate gift. ‘Wedding cards’ and ‘business cards’ made “BySmita” all grow. She has many such cool, quirky and useful products that ultimately will make you think twice before you choose – to save or to waste.

Smita is a Bachelor in Business Administration and this has helped a lot in enhancing her work. She belongs to a business family and is married in one. Her family and friends have been very supportive and are always ready to give their views when required. Her father and son, in particular, have been the source of inspiration in developing this segment.

Currently, she has been doing a lot of Exhibitions and displaying the products in the city. She has also tied up with a few resellers and continues to look for more nature loving sellers who are willing to sell them as party favours. Social Media has played a vital role in this case and friends and family spread awareness about her work too.

Her products are so well priced and she is so warm with her customers that they keep coming back. She feels blessed. Her work and effort are appreciated by all her clients. She calls them co-partners in saving the environment. A cause we all know is a big concern for the coming generation. She signed off with a tip for upcoming start-ups, “Unless you jump into the pool you will never learn how to swim.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Smita Bhatter and BySmita at:

Phone: +91 9830255475
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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