CartDial: A Revamp in Repair Services

In the modern era, it is necessary to fill the gap between the service centers and customers. Manu Shekhar understood this gap and founded CartDial, a platform where you can buy, repair and sell your Smartphones & Laptops. This makes your repair stuff easy by providing transparent pricing for repair with free pick & drop of the devices. This service comes along with a standard warranty.

CartDial started in April 2016 by Manu Shekhar along with Bikram Bedbak and Ankit Raj. His family understood and supported Manu Shekhar for this start-up idea. His family has always told him that, “Never run behind success, you should be positive and dedicated towards your goals.”

The idea behind this start-up is simple. If one could get everything delivered to doorstep then why not a serviced phone too? When Manu Shekhar realized that this, the idea for affordable smartphone repair service got into action when. The simple idea that repair service market needs a revamp in the era when everyone living a day without your phone gets difficult.

It gets difficult to go through your day without your phone. Also, the busy schedule allows little or no time to visit repair shops round and round. At CartDial, where the focus is on repair quality as well as time, the hassle-free doorstep smartphone and laptop service is here to everyone’s rescue.

CartDial is a company which offers free pick and drop service for repair work on all smartphones. This unique service also offers standard warranty and transparent pricing model. This along with dedicated support team and expert professionals are the reasons why their customers love this company.

In the Repair Industry, the approach is customers focused and CartDial has achieved great success. This company has 95% happy and satisfied customers. Within a year they are going to launch a zero escalation model where customer satisfaction rate will be 100%.

Manu Shekhar has an optimistic view about life and his advice for upcoming start-ups is, “Ideas are never bad. Ideas just need particular dedication which is required. Your perception should be always to look at the glass as if it is half full.” His belief about focusing on the solution rather than worrying about the problem is what keeps him motivated. He looks forward to making CartDial the most popular brand in repair industry across the globe in coming years.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Manu Shekhar and Cart Dial at:

Phone: 1800-120-4323
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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