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Mayur Malpani and Shreshtha Bhutra are co-founders of the company named as Clothing Innovations. They started the company as a result of their personal experiences as new parents. The company is successfully running for five years. The Duo had worked for a year in Bangalore and Pune. Mayur and Shreshtha have an array of experiences working in industries like Market Research and NGO’s.

Clothing Innovations LLP owns a brand named Armour Clothing. Armour Clothing are clothes which protect one from insect bites. It is like a shield for the body against insect bites. The fabrics have Armour Technology which makes cloth to act as a repellent. Even after more than 50 washes, the property of insect repellent remains intact.

The prominent features of products are that they are odourless, feels the same and no DEET. The clothes are easy in washing. The products of Clothing Innovations are safe and tested by independent laboratories using WHO 1998 and USDA laboratories methods. Clothing Innovations manufacture products in India. Awareness and reach are the biggest issues for running this business.

Clothing Innovations products are viable and have no side effects directly or indirectly on humans. The number of deaths is increasing due to insect’s bite. People spend a good amount to protect themselves and their little ones from vector-borne diseases and insect bite.

The company is the only manufacturer of such types of clothes which protect against insect bite. The clothes provide human bodies Armour which protects against vector-borne diseases. The company is doing great in the business and turnover is constantly increasing year by year.

Mayur Malpani advises believing in oneself. He believes in finding ways and keeping oneself motivated and energetic. These are his inspiring words for upcoming entrepreneurs as the journey is filled with ups and downs.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Mayur Malpani and Clothing Innovations at:

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