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It all started when Payal Lohia was standing in a queue in their daughter’s school to collect the books, copies etc. She asked herself if buying everything has become a nice experience today and most things are available online, why do parents need to stand in a queue to buy school items. This is where the idea of an online store for school items was born.

Kydsmart as the name suggests ‘Kyd smart’ or ‘Kyds mart’ offers school endorsed e-commerce model for an online supply of school essentials (books, bags, stationery, shoes, bag, uniforms etc) to parents.

“Initially we were thinking of naming the portal on lines of schoolkart, schoolmart etc, but then after lot of deliberation we decided to expand our ambit and named it Kydsmart -a dual sounding name kyd smart or kyds mart.” Says Pawan Lohia, the CEO of Kydsmart.

Pawan and Payal were both corporate citizens working with EY as Senior Manager and Emami as Senior Brand Manager. While they never thought of getting into a business of their own perhaps they were bitten by the start-up bug when life presented them an opportunity to solve a real-life problem which most parents face. Payal and Pawan being a parent to two beautiful daughters Garimaa and Riddhimaa knew the pain it takes for working parents to stand in the school queues. And this understanding of the couple tickled their urge to ease the parents and make school shopping a better experience.

“Kydsmart’s mission is to ensure that no parent has to stand in the queue to buy the school essentials for their kids.” Says Payal

The supply of school items is dominated by un/semi-organized players and Kydsmart is trying to change this. Schools and parents are more happy work/interact with an organized and professional set up like Kydsmart.

Marketing their brand is a tough task for the duo. Their marketing process involves approaching schools and convincing them. And once the schools agree, they inform the parents about buying the products from Kydsmart. However, convincing the schools to the new idea is the toughest. “They like the idea but are reluctant to change.” Says Pawan.

The couple is not only a good entrepreneur but also a lovely parent. On asking Mr. Lohia, what keeps him motivated to carry on with what he is doing, he said, “My two daughters. I have their combined photo near my desk, one glance at them and the lowliness just disappears.”

A tip from the duo for upcoming talents: “Try and Solve real-life problems Business model, funding and everything else will follow”

For further information, queries or purchase of products, you may connect with Kydsmart at:

Email: pawan@kydsmart.com
Mobile: +91 9903800354
Website: www.kydsmart.com
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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