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Priyamvada Agarwal started her brain-child Education & You, located in the city of joy, Kolkata in December’ 2014. It was her passion that triggered her to commence this business after gaining good exposure and experience for 4 years. The most integral part when starting your business is to choose the right name for the company. However, in Priyamvada’s case, it was not a very difficult task for her. She had the name Education & You in her mind for quite a long time. Moreover, her company’s name matches with the firm’s vision.

Priyamvada who is currently 30 years of age, had joined this industry at an early age of 21 and started with Education & You just at the age of 26.

Like every other business, her business too had a stated mission. It aims at mentoring, grooming and guiding candidates, in order to enable them to make the right career decisions and changes using real-life experiences as their motivation.

Priyamvada comes from the same educational background so her passion elevated even more. Her family had been very supportive of her idea of starting the concerned business and with Priyamvada’s excellent achievement they are extremely proud and elated.

Education & You is basically a 360-degree career enhancement focal point, where candidates are able to realize their potential and strive to achieve their dreams. Education & You is into providing career counselling in Kolkata, training and guidance to candidates for admissions in Universities & Colleges in India and overseas, career counselling to young candidates, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT/CLAT/ Verbal-Aptitude training through online & classroom sessions, training sessions in educational institutions and corporate offices for varied skill-development & resume building and also providing grooming lessons to home-makers.

The idea of business had always run in Priyamvada’s blood. Her maternal great-grandfather was her first teacher who taught her a lot of things which one would not get to learn in books. Apart from that, Priyamvada had always seen her mother grabbing opportunities to make a self-identity. This inspired her excessively. After working for a period of four years under the supervision of a fantastic boss, she wanted to take the risk to fly high and explore. It was then that she realized, she wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Priyamvada started up with this business alone and had been in this industry for 8+ years.She believes that teaching or learning cannot be commercialized in a manner where one could estimate the number of employees, profitability and turnover in the coming years.

Students choose Education & You over the opponents because they get customized and personalized services along with prior experience there.

Priyamvada feels that the biggest factor for running this business is communicating transparently with her students. She opts for digital marketing to spread awareness about her business. Especially through Linkedin, Facebook, Google Adwords and Instagram.

It is her passion that keeps her motivated to carry on with this business. Whenever she feels low she thinks about the happy faces of her students which brings back positivity.

She believes that all the upcoming start-ups should be focused and honest in their work. It will go harder as they rise up but the feeling of flying high is very enriching.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Priyamvada Agarwal and Education & You at:

Phone: +91-9831332851
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Edited by: Tanzila Naz

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