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Startup Mentor mentors startups for the idea to invest. Girija Nair started this venture at the age of 49

According to Girija Nair, Right mentoring has heralded many ordinary startup ideas to extraordinary heights or has prevented failures. The mission of Startup Mentor is to make their client’s ideas saleable and scalable.

Girija Nair has multiple specializations and exposures. Since 9 years, she has been with startups via, as a founding member. She also worked in many reputed brands in India for about 21 years. Then a year ago, she launched the services of mentoring formally.

She is from a family of non-entrepreneurs but, got complete support from them to pursue her dreams. Her exposure to multiple sectors, holding positions of key responsibilities, has thus ensured, that no sector is an out of boundary thing for mentoring. She also realized that there are multiple and easier ways to solve business process gaps within the startup zone. And there, she decided to be an entrepreneur, specializing in mentoring startups.

Customers prefer Startup Mentor for consulting related to their business due to the reasons like comfortable fee, ease of payment terms, knowledge base, practical approach and many more.

Startup Mentor mentors the startups from Idea to investment. This includes:

  • Validating the idea
  • Creating business model
  • Revenue and acquisition models
  • Advising the right technology at the right stage
  • Customer retention strategies
  • Selecting skills
  • Terms of engagement with skill sets and vendors
  • Making the startup investment worthy
  • Locating investors with matching interests
  • Bringing in investors

Her message for upcoming startups, she says “If your intention to start a startup is with the expectation of investment, we are not the people for it. Secondly, your chances of failure with this intention are 90%.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Startup Mentor and Girija Nair at:

Phone: +91-9821868737
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

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