Get Your Dream Job with Sharp Swords

Sharp Swords is a company that is taking up various initiatives to help college graduates and current students. Abhishek Gupta, the Co-founder of this company started this venture at the age of 18. He belongs to a family of non-entrepreneur and comes from same educational background.

It was during his selection in Google for India event in December 2016 he realized that he wants to become an entrepreneur. He was the youngest to be selected of all 1000 people out of 1L people that applied. This event worked as a major boost in his life.

Just like a sword is a weapon that makes the mark and it says a lot about itself, similarly, Education leaves an impact on lives of every individual. At Sharp Swords, he is trying to bridge the gap between education and employment. As many recent graduates are facing problems in employment due to lack of proper guidance and skills, Sharp Swords is working towards bridging this gap.

This company has two ventures at present that help students to learn various skills that are required by industry. First is the Confiapp, a Sharp Sword venture whose Beta version was recently released, helps students to increase their confidence and improve their communication skills. Another venture by this company is, a platform for students to see the number of resources they have which they may never otherwise utilize.

Abhishek started this venture with a friend and mentor. He signed off with following advice for upcoming start-ups, “Marketing is never enough, there is always still room for more.”

You can contact Abhishek Gupta and Sharp Swords at:

Phone: +919717912200
Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

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