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This is the story of three friends Abhishek Shukla, Nitin Pant & Parth Dhulekar, an amazing trio with a bond since college days. They have similar long-term goals. They wished to create an impact from their end for the betterment of humanity, a solution that somehow touches people to transform or simplify their life by any mean. What better way could be better than making people feel better about themselves, their own body. So they laid the foundation for a fitness venture called Gymkhaana Fitness Solutions.

An idea to change the way people look after their own health started with lots of research and fitness problems faced by individuals. After many surveys, this platform was founded by Abhishek Shukla and his two friends. This company is a unified online fitness platform that aims to provide you with ground level fitness solutions.

It aids you in current body assessment to recommending and providing you personalized diet plan. This also has a database so as to help you find information about nearest fitness centers from the gym to yoga centers & dance academies in the locality. You can read fitness blogs and hacks to Healthy Recipes a people can also submit their secret recipes or fitness article get featured. This is a complete platform that covers every aspect of health and fitness. The best part – you don’t have to download several apps or visit websites to find everything about fitness and majority of its functions is free. The company uses Referral and Social media for marketing its platform and services.

Abhishek comes from a family of entrepreneur and his family is so supportive that they are now the company’s angel investors. His family is excited to see the zeal he has for his work. He says his father and his uncle are his biggest inspiration in his life. When asked what he would add to upcoming start-ups and entrepreneurs he said that “Imagine the tough situations you’ve had in life, now multiply situations and toughness by 10, that’s entrepreneurship for you. But it’s all worth it. Alongside revenue also keep in mind that how it is adding value to Society.”

You can contact Abhishek Shukla and Gymkhaana Fitness Solutions at:

Phone: +919999258503
Location: Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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