HelpingHouse: Providing Dream Jobs

HelpingHouse is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (BPO) and provides the web designing, and software designing support to the customer. This company also deals with the training and development, PDP & motivational sessions, campus drives, industrial visits etc. The mission of HelpingHouse is: ‘To Provide dream job to everyone in the country.’ Sanchit Sharma started this company alone in January 2017 at the age of 25.

He has completed his MBA and belongs to the same background. Studying about the conditions of unemployment during his school years along with his strong will to open his own company and to give the jobs to others have played an important role in building this company. He didn’t have his family support initially and is the first in the family to enter the business. This was due to the already established companies in the business he chose to pursue. Yet he carried along with his start-up and now they are proud of him. Most of all they are happy about his donation of 60% of his income to charity.

Students select this company over others for various reasons. Firstly, candidates aren’t charged. Secondly, training and development are provided to them before the final interview. Moreover, these increase the chances of selection in comparison of the rejection. There are also some difficulties in running the business like continuous workload. But they have been able to manage it all. It was Sanchit’s inner strength that keeps the hold for a brighter future.

He added, “To all start-ups and companies, keep patience towards your work output and just focus only on the quality not on the quantity, if you go for the quantity you will always be on a wrong side but if you focus on the quality yes you will succeed at one day” during his interview with Startup Idols.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Sanchit Sharma and HelpingHouse at:

Phone: +918750430590
Location: Faridabad, NCR, India

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