Improve your Communication Skills with ConfiApp

ConfiApp offers a solution to those students who do not get their dream job because of poor communication skills. At the very young age of 18, Ishan Salhotra decided to work on an application that helps students to improve their confidence level.

According to Ishan Salhotra, Corporate jobs require too many efforts, are tiring and don’t give an individual much apart from income. Though he belongs to the family of non-entrepreneurs he always wanted to start something of his own.

A large number of exceptionally talented engineers fail to crack their job interviews and remain unemployed. They fail to express themselves during interviews because of lack of confidence and exposure.

ConfiApp helps in increasing people’s confidence by giving them feedback on their speeches. And also help them to experience real-life interview and public speaking like situations.

The already existing programs to solve this problem are too time-consuming and charge a bombshell of the money.  In order to solve this problem, Ishan Salhotra with his friends came up with ConfiApp. The present version of the app gives the users the detailed feedback on their speeches on random or specific topics. In the near future, the app will also help its users experience real-life interview and public speaking situations.

Ishan, however, plans to make use of Artificial Intelligence in the coming years to further develop the app. The entire ConfiApp team believes that this small exercise daily will help students master the art of speaking and make them more confident. Ishan signed off with the following advice for upcoming startups, “A startup should exist to solve the problem that one believes strongly about and not just do Business”.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact ConfiApp and Ishan Salhotra at:

Phone: +91-7982162470
Location: New Delhi, India

Edited by: Pallavi Singh

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