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Kar Kleaners was started in 2016 to turn this big neglected and unorganized daily car-cleaning industry into an organized one. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore etc, car owners generally hire a local servant for getting their cars cleaned on daily basis. These local servants perform this in a hap-hazardous manner. Whereas Kar Kleaners provide doorstep professional daily car-cleaning service. These are trained personnel and the use of modern tools and techniques at a reasonable rate. ‘Transforming the daily car cleaning in India’ is the mission statement of this company.

Devang Raja is the founder of Kar Kleaners. and started this at the age of 33. He has completed his MBA from Welingkar’s Institute, Mumbai. He is also certified Financial Planning and Financial Administration from CII – London. In addition, he possesses 13 years of Corporate Experience before founding KarKleaners. He has worked with organizations like Prudential Process Management Services, Willis, and Capita. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His family has always been supportive and in addition without their support, it would have been able to achieve success.

Along with KarKleaners expansion to various cities in next three years, the company is coming up with an app soon. They will also be expanding into car care products under the existing brand name, KarKleaners. They will also be growing business in the car buying and selling segment under the brand name of ‘Kar Deals’. While talking about competition faced in the car cleaning industry, Devang said, “As we are the first runners in this sector, currently we do not have any direct competitor whom we see as a direct threat. With time whenever competition crops up, we will keep innovating and challenging our competition. This will help us perform better thereby raising the standard and benchmarks in the industry. Currently, our competition is with the unorganized sector.”

Kar Kleaners being the first pioneer in taking car cleaning industry to an organized stage has both advantages and drawbacks. The challenges faced are unique and uncommon because of lack of competitors. The company faces regular challenges that have not been encountered by anyone earlier since they are the first runners in the industry. Hence they don’t have a single rule to success or a pre-tested answer. Taking decisions to difficult situations can become tricky at times.

The company is currently marketing their services on Facebook as it is the cheapest form of marketing. Apart from online marketing, word of mouth publicity has played an important role for them. Their existing customers are the brand ambassadors and the biggest marketing is done by them. Kar Kleaners is also looking forward to being associated with builders and society Management Company to provide our services in their buildings.

Devang Raja signed off with a tip for upcoming start-ups, “Startup world is very exciting. If you have a concept or idea that can change the current set up, you will be the next big entrepreneur.” He also gave importance to the need of self-motivation as an entrepreneur.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Devang Raja and Kar Kleaners at:

Email: Karkleaners@gmail.com
Phone: +91-9820166033
Location: Mumbai, Maharastra, India

Edited by – Osheen Jain

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