Landfriend – Economic Development Enterprise

Landfriend aims to promote the economic development of the European territory and to foster sustainable tourism. At the age of 25, Lorenzo Mari alone started this enterprise. It’s been a year ago. He is the CEO of Landfriend Enterprise.

He says “There are grounds to be reassessed and disused. They are the stories of family, memories of the generation. The time will erase everything. Landfriend is the online platform to revive those places which are likely to be abandoned by retaining their history and matching it to the needs of a modern life.”

He is an IT developer without any skills in business. According to him, business is something that can possibly help the environment and the people. He belongs to an entrepreneur’s family. His family is happy with his achievements.

After attending the Entrepreneurs Program of European Commission, he decided to be an entrepreneur. His Advice to the upcoming start-ups is “Be always positive and you must always try and never give up”.

Landfriend born as an e-commerce platform, is a networking space interconnecting European SMEs of the Agri-Food sector directly with their consumer. It meets producers and selects their products according to EU sustainability criteria.

The project is designed to transmit the local traditions, local culture, and local products. His mission is:

  • To receive an abandoned territory
  • Maintain a local tradition
  • To change the lifestyle and rediscover yourself…
  • Create awareness and sense of responsibility towards environment
  • To be in contact with nature
  • Eliminate cultural discrimination with food.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Landfriend and Lorenzo at:

Phone: +393347771390
Location: Brussels, Belgium

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