LetStockIn – Provide Products to SMEs

Letstockin.com is a platform to cater small and medium-size enterprise all industrial dealers, distributors and manufacturers to sell their products online and offline. At the age of 21, Sukhwinder Singh alone started this venture.

From his seniors and market surveys, he got to know about the problems that SME faces while procuring products from local dealers. To solve the problems of Small and Medium Enterprise, he started this venture. And he decided to provide materials to all SMEs from direct manufacturers or big giant distributors. For this, he chooses the domain name “LetStockIn”.

He belongs to the engineering field. His family wants him to choose job but he decided to be an entrepreneur. So, at the age of 23, his family threw him out of the house. But now his family is really happy with his achievements.

Before starting this venture he has 5 years of experience in the traditional business of sales of industrial goods.

Letstockin.com understands the problem of small and medium enterprise very much. They provide them products from the manufacturer, so the price of the product will automatically become less.

Letstockin.com have tied up with many finance bankers for their credit limit which is the major problem that SME faces. Another reason for SMEs to choose their portal is that SMEs will get 6-month credit limit from financier with a nominal interest rate up to 1 crore.

They market their product in both online and offline mode from past five years, they work on only one product and catering 50+ small and medium industries. Now they have extended their product to 1000 in counting, tie up with many MNC and big enterprises/SMEs and Businessmen really appreciated his move and it really motivates him.

His message for upcoming start-ups is “just do small researching on your idea before putting it into the market.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Letstockin and Sukhwinder Singh at:

Email: info@letstockin.com
Phone: +91-8053000704
Website: www.letstockin.com
Location: Kurukshetra, Haryana, India

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