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In today’s era where the world is leaning towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dhruti Mehta came up with a new age gifting services company. At the company, experiential and activity-based gifting options are available both for retail consumers as well as for corporate clients.

Love Doodle, a start-up formulated over a cup of coffee, procures its name with the urge to add Love in the company’s name and because of their exceptional ability to doodle ideas finalizing the name as Love Doodle. The intent of the company is simple, they want people to emotionally reconnect and make any of their occasions memorable. They believe that it comes in through human (emotional) touch which their gifts are notching up well. Keeping Indian consumer in mind, they even have handpicked range of products. These are the products which add an exemplary value and always remain in the person’s heart and mind.

They have a wide range of offerings to choose from either for personal celebrations or gifting it to loved ones, employees, clients, and business associates. These offerings can even be used for boosting employee’s morale, increase engagement with clients/business associates in the way of Rewards & Recognition programs.

Dhruti believes that everyone has that one moment where they take that leap of faith and decide to do something that adds value to their lives. The moment when succeeding is not so important but trying to make a difference is. That is when one does things that he/she believes in strongly. For her, that moment arrived in her last job when she really felt that except money she wasn’t really satisfied with what she was doing. The bold decision to move out of a routine job and start the journey as an entrepreneur was possible only because of the colossal support of her husband.  Hence while brainstorming and discussing other business ideas with a friend, she found out a way to bring out the much-needed emotions to one’s occasion and gifting.

She is a qualified lawyer with experience in litigation and corporate law. The reason to change the field and start-off with the venture was quite simple. As she quoted, “I wanted to pursue work that not only gave satisfaction to me but also made my life more meaningful and what better way than to pursue my passion of making the Occasion memorable for people”. In 2014 she finally took the decision of quitting the well-paid job to start something of her own. Also since she does not comes from an entrepreneurial or business background she firstly underwent professional coaching on various aspects of the business at NMIMS.

Coming from a non-entrepreneurial background, her parents were quite skeptical with the idea of doing business. But with time they have seen her passion and are fully supportive of it now. She feels stupendous for what she has achieved as of now. They have emotionally touched people with this concept and feel proud to have added life and years (memories) to their client’s celebrations. She is an everyday learner and whatever she learns each day, never fails to implement it in her business events.

Dhruti wants to skyrocket her business in the near future with every way possible as she is a very ambitious and goal oriented woman. They intend to grow to a team of 50 people by the third year (it’s been 2 years since she started up with the business). The Turnover and Profitability will increase year on year as they intend to go Multi-City. They always want to remain cash positive and keep all the expenses particularly related client acquisitions in check.

They have always been candid and transparent about the product/service with the clients hence, setting right level of expectations since the very beginning. For clients who wish to customize their celebration arrangement, they not only discuss their requirements in detail but also give them valued suggestions based on current trends and practical experience. Timely reverts from their end and limited follow-ups during finalization stage avoid annoyance on customer’s part. Though they are mainly an online business, they do have a lot of emotional and human touch. This is the core value of the business. Also, at Love Doodle, all the feedback from clients are taken positively. They also keep the check with the assurance of improvements keeping communication and engagement with clients on-going. All these things distinguished them from their competitors.

She strategizes well and chooses both online and offline modes for the marketing purpose. Online is through Social and Digital Media. Offline, she is a part of few networking organizations like BNI, ALL Maha Ladies League etc. The happy faces of clients whom they have served and made their celebration memorable. And also her full-time motivator, her husband are the ones responsible to keep her going with the business. “Stay focused and create your own niche”, is the last tip she throws off.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Love Doodle and Dhruti Mehta at:

Phone: +91- 8850882267
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Edited by – Nayni Jain

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