On-demand Personalised Delivery Start-up Obo Swift to Watch Out for In 2018

Ever since the Middle Ages, logistics has been a crucial part of winning or losing any war. Now, in the millennial generation, the logistics start-ups are fighting this war on multiple fronts for different industries. Apart from small ticket size funding ranging between $1 Mn -$10 Mn, there are start-ups like BlackBuck which secured over $90 Mn funding this year. Then there is Rivigo, which after raising $75 Mn in November 2016, has now become a potential contender to enter the Indian unicorn club, as Softbank has set its eyes upon the company to invest $2 Mn-$4 Mn.

As we are about to unfold another exciting year filled with unexpected deals and strategies, here is a start-up to watch out for in the Indian logistics sector.


Obo Swift is an on-demand personalized delivery service founded by Ms. Madhuri Chalke and Saurav Jhawar in 2017 that delivers just anything and everything you can think of.

It also takes care of delivery requirements of local businesses. Due to its local delivery network and logistics technology, merchants can deliver to their customers in a cost-effective and hassle-free way.

It offers features like Shopping also. Means Obo Swift shops anything on its customer’s behalf from any store of the user’s choice. The company charges its customers on per-delivery-basis based on distance and required service.

Ms. Madhuri Chalke stated “the key focus areas in delivery are food, grocery, pharma, tiffin, gift items, fashion accessories, e-platform related business. We now provide services ranging from on-demand, reverse deliveries, first mile, and last mile logistics.”

Commenting on the future plan, Saurav Jhawar stated “we are looking at creating a platform where we can offer best deals for products with quick delivery to consumers and bridge the gap between the local business retailers and consumers. We will start selling products now.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Obo Swift & Saurav Jhawar at:

Email: team@obocabs.com
Phone: +91-9831919933
Website: www.obocabs.com
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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