Perfect Job Matching through Xenture

Xenture was started in July 2016 two random misfits (as they call themselves) over coffee in a cafe. Arun Kumar – CEO & Founder and Sunaina Agarwal- Executive Director & Co-Founder of Xenture met accidentally online. It is the different educational backgrounds, uniqueness, diverse and different point of views that makes these two the better business partners. They have a better understanding of each other at present since they first met.

When asked about when they realized about turning to entrepreneurs Sunaina said, “Honestly, there was no such definitive thought. However, with our brainstorming and understanding, we realized we could do better and hence opted to start our own Company.” They started this business while sipping coffee at a cafe as both wanted to do something different and extraordinary. Something that is not common but extreme and as both share similar wavelengths they joined hands.

Xenture is about providing an end to end solution, profiling to onboarding through the application, real-time video interviews. It also aims to create a job market and opportunity across all domains, positions, and geographies. Trabaajo a product of Xenture, is the smart recruitment application that bridges the gap between an HR and a candidate. This app works for finding the right job match or candidate which is a major concern in the HR industry. It is an AI-based application that provides the perfect job match and helps to determine the right talent with the right skill.

When asked why their customers choose them over competitors, Arun said, “We are an end-to-end solution provider, not just digitizing the HR industry but even building

it smarter and this is why customers choose us.” They have been doing some small-scale activities and tip-ups for increasing the reach and market their business along with Digital Marketing.

The problems faced during running the business are mainly the right workforce, people with the right mindset and attitude for a healthy work environment. Fortunately, they both have supportive families and their families guide them each possible manner.

A tip for upcoming start-ups from Arun and Sunaina, “Just believe in yourself and your idea/business. You are here to stay, no matter how difficult it gets, you might fall sometimes, you would not know how and where to head, but never give up. If there is a problem, there is definitely a solution. Deal with it with utmost patience because every day is a new test. The struggle has its own charm and fun, it is definitely this struggle that teaches you today for a better future.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Sunaina and Team Xenture at:

Phone: +91-2220871206
Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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