PICnVIC – Your Memories! Your Guests! In One Place!

PICnVIC offers a solution for all the photo gathering difficulties by letting users create a private album where guests can access the album through passkey. The guests can view, upload or download each other’s photos. The pricing range varies and has exclusive features such as

  1. Printable invites to stick at the wedding place so that guests can scan a QR Code and directly enter the album
  2. Unlimited Downloads & Unlimited Guests
  3. Edit uploaded photos online
  4. Share uploaded photos to Facebook.
  5. Send invites through social media.
  6. Real-time updates on guest activities
  7. Send updates about their occasion to all the guests
  8. Create custom plans according to your use and many more.

Suppose after a wedding, bride or bridegroom wants to collect all the photos taken by their guests at their wedding in one place, which can be accessible to all the guests. However, using native WhatsApp or Facebook to share the photos will reduce the photo quality and it is a tiresome process. The same applies for any trip or occasion.

Mr. Jayasurya Chiruthanuru is the founder of this company who came up with the idea. After a trip to Manali, he faced difficulties while gathering pictures from his friends because everyone lived at a different location. That is when he got the idea of starting a company. A name should be related to the service – photos and at the same time catchy, hence PICnVIC. The purpose of the company is to provide a solution for everyone that faces problem while gathering pictures without compromising in image quality.

As a graduate in technology, Jayasurya Chiruthanuru developed the idea into a web application with his expertise in the field. He started this company at the age of 23, alone. Though he seeks the help of his mates on marketing, the idea and web development are his own. He comes from a family of non-entrepreneurs and yet his family has been supportive.

As of now, the company is focusing on marketing the idea and gaining customers. In the upcoming years, they are planning to release Android and iOS apps to increase the customer base, which in turn will also increase the profitability. In addition, the guests become potential customers, as the link created by the host is shared with friends and family. The guests can browse through the services and turn to potential customers in future.

For more information or any queries or assistance, you may contact Jayasurya Chiruthanuru or PICnVIC at:

Email: support@picnvic.com
Phone: +91-9533127393
Website: https://picnvic.com
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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