Raghuraj Sharma: Co-Founder of Dibeez Technologies

Raghuraj Sharma, who belongs to a non-entrepreneur’s family thought out of the box and decided to become an entrepreneur. It was at the age of 25 when he and his brother thought of doing something that no one in his family has done before. As it is a digital world now, they took the best step towards entrepreneurship goal and developed a website for their local business. The world being too modernized, there are still a lot of people who are still living a non-digital life. Hence the Sharma brother chose to target this section of the society. They aimed at reaching out to the remote areas and spread awareness about the benefits and power of digitalization.

They believed in always doing something different and unique hence they named their business ‘Dibeez Technologies’ as it sounds different and new. The name was suggested by Raghu’s brother who is his partner. “I’m a graduate in Computer Applications, however, I chose to start Designing & Printing Business instead of being a Computer Teacher or a Software Engineer,” says Raghu, “because I have always believed in doing something different and creative” he added.

His father is an Editor in a newspaper and mother is a housewife. Though they do not have much idea about what Raghu and his brother is doing exactly as they are not into IT, his father has always taught them to be a keen learner and to do everything with dedication. His father has been his motivation in doing and achieving whatever he has, till date.

“It is more important to be a good human being than being a rich man,” said Raghu. He believes in being down to earth and humane. His parents are happy about what their kids (yes, we all are kids to our parents, no matter what) are doing.

To talk a little about what ‘Dibeez’ is, it is a Graphics and web designing agency that also deals with digital marketing. Sharma brothers believe that this industry is growing with every passing day and they are not wrong in thinking that way. Hence, they chose to be in this industry. He also expects his profitability to be 200% in the coming 3 years. And we wish him luck for the same.

He is currently using his personal references to promote his business. However, he shall soon use google promotions to expand his business. His friends are his motivation who are also successful businessmen like him.

‘Dibeez’ believes in fulfilling clients’ needs by providing highly professional services which make their clients choose them over other Designing and Marketing firms.

Tips from Raghu for the newcomers: “If you are good at something doesn’t mean you can have a business. But to have a successful business you need to first know the business strategies, talk to people, mix around with other businessmen and make them your motivation”

For any queries or services related to the same, you may contact ‘Dibeez’ at:

Email: info@dibeez.com
Mobile: +91 9780866052
Website: http://www.dibeez.com
Location: Amritsar, Punjab, India

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