Redefining sale of pre-owned goods with HyperXchange

Every entrepreneurship venture starts with a dream. This is what Satanik Roy had as a student, nearly two years ago while he was making efforts to sell his laptop. The difficulties he faced in selling his pre-owned laptop, generating the right amount of value and also in establishing trust with the buyer got his mind running with ideas.

Satanik realized the untapped potential of the pre-owned goods industry. It was then him along with three other friends namely Dipanjan Purkayastha, Asish Chakraborty, Dwijadas Chatterjee, co-founded HyperXchange that specializes in the trading of used mobile phones and other gadgets.

It is known to everyone that despite the rapid increase in the sale of mobile phones, the second-hand mobile marketplace is fragmented. In addition, transactions or trading of gadgets via online classifieds can be difficult and unsafe. This is at a time when brick and mortar stores are suffering a decline in sales, as people opted for online platforms. People were anyway opting for second-hand goods owing to rising inflation.

Satanik and his partners observed this trend and their solution came in a single platform, now popularly known as HyperXchange.

In fact, Satanik is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from SRM University in Chennai. Setting his educational qualifications aside, Satanik wished to achieve something in life that left a recognized impact both in his personal life as well in lives of millions across India. This vision of his team, as well as the urge to do so soon, got them accolades.

HyperXchange went on to become India’s first Premium Preowned brand. The company has been honoured as ‘Outstanding Start-up in East by Calcutta Angels Start-up East Summit’, declared as ‘Top 7 Start-ups in Start-Up Launchpad’ by The Indian Chamber of Commerce, nominated by ‘NASSCOM in Product Conclave Bangalore 2016’ and ‘GMIC Bangalore 2016’, and also incubated by IIM- Calcutta Innovation Park as well as Microsoft.

The discussion that reporters from Startup Idols had with Satanik Roy further revealed that his family has no other entrepreneurs and that he was the first. Satanik further reiterates that for him entrepreneurship isn’t just about risks and rewards. In fact, Satanik had had a string of successes as CEO of another company, a tech-advisor, and an award-winning writer before he garnered his present role.

The principle that Satanik has always and still follows is, “To touch a billion lives and be the reason for a billion smiles”. His advice to fellow start-up entrepreneurs is not be affected by failure and instead use failure as lessons to improve yourselves and reach the higher goal of success.

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Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

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