Rizwanuddin – Mixing brawn with brain at Bleedz Life Pvt. Ltd.

“You are never too old to stay healthy and to stay healthy you must ‘bleed’ or rather exert energy for it”, says Rizwanuddin, who is the Managing Director of Bleedz Life Private Limited.

The firm is a wholesaler of gym wear and accessories for both men as well as women. Coming from a family of non-entrepreneurs, Rizwanuddin has had a diverse portfolio as a Civil Contractor as well as a Quality Controller in organizations that include Indian Air Force, Foodstuff Companies, Toyota, and Volvo.

Rizwanuddin knew right from the age of 5 that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. After a long career in other firms, Rizwanuddin decided it was time to rejuvenate and start a business that was based on his own dreams; not that of anyone else.

Finally at the age of 54, with complete support from his family especially from his sons, Rizwanuddin gave shape to his ambitions through the establishment of Bleedz Life Private Limited. The firm has been successfully doing business for over a year now, making changes in the manner people take care of their health.

Their products can be found in leading e-commerce portals such as Flipkart, Amazon and also in several retail stores. A discussion we at Startup Idols had with Rizwanuddin has revealed the factor that sets Bleedz Life apart from its competitors is the firm’s stress on quality at the best prices.

Rizwanuddin and his sons see a favourable increase in business over the next year and hope to become the most admired fitness wear brand in the future.

The advice Rizwanuddin would like to give other start-ups and entrepreneurs?

“Hopes along with proper strategies can bring infinite positive results while disappointments will be for a limited period only. Remember your will to achieve should be your skill.”

Bleedz Life Pvt. Ltd. and Rizwanuddin can be contacted at:

Email: bleedzlife@gmail.com
Phone: +917000733690
Website: N/A
Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

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