Sanjay Kumar Jha: Founder of Simplified Management Solutions

It is never too late to start anything! A 36 years old boy (yes, he is still single) decided to start-up with something new for ‘Simplifying Services & Empowering Business.’ Sajnay Kumar Jha, the Founder of Simplified Management Solutions is someone who is always positive about things and ‘stress’ is a word he doesn’t understand. An evergreen and ever-ready person he is. Always motivated, full of energy and with a lot of positivity. He calls himself the laziest person but the energy in his voice talks about his character.

Coming from a family of non-entrepreneurs, Sanjay in an entrepreneur. “I was meant to be and it has come up automatically, nothing planned,” says Jha. He believes in simplifying things hence, named his company ‘Simplified Management Solutions.’ And it was his craze and inquisitiveness that made him shift from commerce background to establishing a firm for development of business support tools (software development). Though from a different filed, Sanjay is very efficient when it comes to having technical knowledge. Google is his best friend as he enjoys spending time with it the most. He is an example who proves that educational background and field of study doesn’t matter until you have the charm to learn or do something different.

Simplified Management Solutions deals with a number of services, software development being the primary service.

When asked, what keeps him motivated, here is what he had to say “Quench for quality and keeping updated and ahead of the requirement and demand.”

Like many other start-ups, he also uses his friends and friends of friends for marketing his business. Having started with ‘SMS’ just one year back, Sanjay is doing great with his work. He is continuously climbing the stairs of success. Though he has been in other business for almost 8 years now.

Tip from Sanjay for upcoming start-ups: “Do whatever you wish and not what’s in demand because you can create demand but the demand cannot create passion in you.”

For any queries or services related to the same, you may contact Sanjay Jha and Simplified Management Solutions at:

Mobile: +919331177595/+918450077595
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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