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InfoSec Train is an acronym for Information Security Training and was started in May 2017 by V.P. Prabhakaran Nair under the guidance of his mentor. Prabhakaran belongs to IT background and has been a plus point when he started this venture in the same field. He had various experts from his circle those supported him during the initial stages. Likewise, these people are an important part of the company.

InfoSec Training has delivered training in various countries with 100% positive training feedback with 96% passing percentage. They provide practical knowledge in an information security space. They also have a pool of training experts picked from the information security domain.

As the company is in an early stage they prefer social media for marketing strategies and word of mouth has been in their benefit as people know them and when the real value is delivered, the good stories travel fast. He says, “I don’t have employees, I have partners who are willingly associated with me on a full-time basis.”

Once there was a corporate training requirement and he decided to deliver it. Getting the first client and their feedback is always delightful and motivational and this was the kick that turned this into action and the journey to InfoSec Train initiated. While he was working with Delhi based IT training institute he continuously kept looking out for ideas to set up a venture of his own. Also, at that time he realized that there was a huge potential in IT sector in terms of information security training.

There are always various factors why a customer chooses one company over another. In this case, there are many factors that customers choose InfoSec Train over other training companies. These reasons are like unique ways of teaching, focusing practical experience over theoretical, continuous post-training support, best training within the given time frame, and online instructor-led weekend training classes.

V.P. Prabhakaran Nair theory is: “You will be pulled in ten million different directions but you should be able to clearly state your priorities (for the day, month, and year ahead). You have to stay focused. Your targets may shift when you feel low so it’s important to stay nimble & you must be smart about what you’re working toward.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact InfoSec Train at:

Phone: +919717406599
Location: Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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