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Arpan Banick is a B.Tech graduate, an Engineering student turned entrepreneur as he wanted to start a business on own since 8th grade. He founded Arrow’s Fashion only when he was 18 and is the CEO and Founder of this company. This company sells latest trending shoes, dresses, backpacks, etc. He named his company arrow as he believes he is like an Arrow that will overcome all the barriers in its way and achieve its target.

Arpan Banick started this business alone and has been in no business prior to this. He belongs to a family of entrepreneurs and his father is a businessman. Due to this, his family has always been supportive of his endeavour. His family is proud that he is working towards his passion.

The mission statement of this company is ‘To make the customer happy and satisfied.’ When asked about who keeps him motivated during low times, he replied with Ritesh Agrawal. To market his business, he used local marketing and social media marketing.

To answer the question from Startup Idols about why the customers choose his brand over others he replied, “I provide my customers latest trending good quality product at a very affordable price. Our main objective is good quality as well as latest style.” He looks forward to spreading his brand all over India in coming years.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Arrow’s Fashion and Arpan Banick at:

Phone: +918697196761
Website: N/A
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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