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Singh Biotech LLP Provide services into Life Sciences covering skill development, selling of biofertilizers, biopesticides, instruments, reagents, business consultancy, digital solutions and IPR solutions. For providing best services they have done strategic tie-ups. Six years ago, at the age of 25, Manoj Kumar Singh founded Singh Biotech LLP. India has huge scope for Life Sciences sector and Biotechnology has potential to resolve various issues along with employment to many. He had experience, research, and training in biotechnology which he used to set up his business. He wishes to leave a legacy to the world once he dies and also wishes to make his ancestors proud. Hence, the title “SINGH” became the name of the company as “Singh Biotech LLP”.

The mission of Singh Biotech LLP is to help in creating more Life Sciences Entrepreneurs in India. That will cover Education, Skill Development, Services, Environment, Food Industry, Healthcare, and Biotech etc. Also, the company aims to become the one-stop business solution providers. It is the quality at every step and for everyone from small customer to large which motivates the customers to choose Singh Biotech LLP over others.

Manoj Kumar Singh, the founder of the company is a Biotechnologist and a patient of Severe Hemophilia ‘A’ a rare bleeding disorder. He has faced various social and professional challenges to reach this place. He has learned new trades of business development, digital marketing, and strategy development in order to establish Singh Biotech LLP. Also, as he is a first generation entrepreneur so he had to learn a lot from trial and error. It was during graduation he knew what he wanted cannot be achieved by working for someone. Because job has a lot of restrictions and growth depends on factors, not on your control. As an entrepreneur, he would get the freedom to define his growth and take his own decisions. Though he started alone, as of now he has have connected and collaborated with experts from different fields from whom he says he is learning and gaining knowledge.

He is a self-motivated individual and his aim to make the difference keeps him motivated. Also, the constant positive feedback from people he has come across has motivated him to carry on with his business. People such as a trainer, service provider, friend, or seniors. Manoj Kumar added further, “Just One Thing, even if things look gloomy in the beginning, there is always a better result which awaits you, only you need to keep on trying. Help will eventually come along.”

For any queries or assistance, you may contact Manoj Kumar Singh & Singh Biotech LLP at:

Phone: +91-9990771680
Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

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