Solve your Business Process Management Problems with Avise Techno Solutions LLP

After having worked in the business process management industry for 16 years Tushar realized his desire of having his own business. At the age of 38, Tushar Chanchani launched his company Avise Techno Solutions LLP along with his friend. The founders wanted to utilize their 16 years of industry experience to provide the best service to the clients. Hence the name Avise, which means to advise/counsel.

Avise Techno Solutions LLP is a very young organization incorporated in May 2017. The vision behind starting the company was to serve leading global, large, small organizations and everything in between. The founders have a combined 30 years of experience in the industry and having worked with various lines of business, can provide the best support. Tushar says that the fact that they offer the knowledge and expertise of a tier 1 setup at a very competitive pricing gives them an edge over other competitors.

The Avise team goes by the mission statement “The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer”, Tushar says this reflects their mindset and the promise made to the clients.

Tushar didn’t pursue his education in business process management as it was not a part of conventional education curriculum. All his learnings come from his 16 years of industry experience. Tushar coming from a business family always knew that someday he will walk through the same lane. His family which was first skeptical of his decision to leave an established well-paying job later went on fully supporting him in his venture. His family is very proud of him now and believes he is moving in the right direction, they advise him to be cautious of bumps that will come along time.

The team has a tangible growth plan for the next 3-5 years. The company is looking to be self-reliant by the third year with offices in at least one of the other state and by end of the fifth year an office in either Canada or Ireland.

The biggest issue the newbie company is facing is of finding employees with the right skill set. The company currently uses social media, print media and references to market their business.

The team believes in “Every cloud has a silver lining and beyond that is a rainbow with a spectacular view”, the biggest motivator of the company is the fact that they want to give back to the industry to which they owe their careers.

Tushar advice to upcoming startups is, if you have a dream, follow it with all you got and ignore the naysayers.

Tushar and his team can be contacted at:

Phone: +919830858746
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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