SoulPure Soaps – Skin and Environment Friendly

SoulPure Soaps is an initiative that produces not only skin friendly but also environment-friendly soaps. The two creative minds behind this venture are Uttara Ramkumar (Founder & CEO) and Nishi Bhuvandas (Co-founder & COO). They specialize in making natural handmade soaps that help nurture and protect our skin.

In the interview, Nishi spoke about our daily beauty regime products having various chemicals harmful to skin and environment. They want the people around them to be aware of such harmful chemicals. Due to this, they took up the challenge to educate people about the same. They spread the word on the numerous benefits of using natural-handmade-vegan -chemical free-organic beauty products.

The ingredients such as oils and kinds of butter used in these soaps are sourced locally (to promote local business). Other ingredients like micas, colors, clays and fragrance oils certified skin safe are brought over from the US. The initial challenge was to keep the prices affordable even at the high costs of raw materials. They use edible oils like Coconut oil, sunflower oil, Olive oil etc, and moisturizing butter, fruit and vegetable juices and pulps in our soaps for a healthy, supple and young looking skin. The essential oils that are behind the fragrance are carefully sourced from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organically approved manufacturers. The colors used have been tested for skin and lip usage.

The fragrance oil is sourced from USA which is IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant and phthalate free. Standing strongly against animal cruelty, no products of this company are never tested on animals and raw material are sourced from cruelty-free companies. All their soaps are made at the shop in small batched for utmost perfection.

Both the Founder and Co-founder of SoulPure Soaps are basically Civil Engineers with post-graduation in Environmental and Water Engineering. They always strove to be environmentally friendly beings and fascinated by health and beauty products which were marked vegan, organic, herbal etc. It was actually just experimenting and the way their audience (customers of course) acknowledged and endorsed them, that made them spin to women entrepreneurs as they initially didn’t plan on launching a business.

The costs of products at SoulPure is comparatively low even when the raw materials are sourced from the USA. It is their transparency towards customers and spontaneity in responding to all individual queries that the customers select this brand over others.

Nishi comes from a family of non-entrepreneurs and her family has been supportive of her venture. When asked about her family’s current feeling about her business she said, “Intangible satisfaction as we are sticking to our own idea of serving the best of nature earth to our customers and at the same time giving the best back to Mother Earth.” She also told us that Uttara is the one who formulates recipes and experiments new stuff and is the Curator and herself the proud successor.

Everyone has their highs and lows in life and when one of the two best friends were at low, another one would always poke and bring back the charm. With Uttara and Nishi, it is never about I but it is all about We when it comes to SoulPure. These two women entrepreneurs are inspiration to females.
Nishi added that “No matter what, once you walk in the direction of your dreams then never surrender. Hurdles are part of the game but not always things remain the same.”

You can contact Nishi and SoulPure Soaps at:-

Phone: +919845501189
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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