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We all know that education is the strongest weapon with which one can achieve almost everything. An educated person must serve his knowledge to others for the development of our society. Asim Khan sets a very good example of it. At the age of 23, he started step by step studies Portal.

Step by step is an innovative educational background which tries to provide all educational services on one platform. It includes notes for students, home tutor as well as an online tutor. Tutors are available for both academics sector as well as non-academics sector.

Being a student, he realizes that many people face problem to get qualified and experienced tutor. He also noticed that students waste lots of time in searching different company for different education domain. So he decided to start a portal where students get all education services under one roof.

He belongs to a non-entrepreneurial family background. Asim’s brother helps him a lot in growing his business. His educational background is totally different from his business. He is a civil engineer and currently, he is pursuing from Sharda University.

His parents keep him motivated towards his work.

He says “the logic behind the name step by step is that we all get things step by step. We all get educated in a systematic way like u started your journey of education from nursery to 12th and follow it step by step. You can’t jump any step if it’s done then you may suffer.”

His main aim is to provide people various educational services like:

  • Qualified and experienced tutor (both academics and non-academics).
  • Better counseling to the students.
  • Notes for students.
  • Helps in providing admission to better college.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact step by step studies at:

Phone: +91-8467932336 or +91-8467932337
Location: Delhi/NCR

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