Story of a Young Author turned Entrepreneur – Knack Ardour

A Young Author and Entrepreneur started Knack Ardour, Talent, and Business Management Company. Founded by Ayush Verma in 2017, this company deals with providing talent and support to creativity. It also provides support to authors for publishing their books and getting recognition.

Ayush Verma founded this company at the age of 17 in 2017. He belongs to the same educational background – commerce and belongs to a family of non-entrepreneurs. His father supported him for this start-up. The support of his family is his motivation for moving forward.

The journey for this company started when Ayush couldn’t find a publisher for his first novel titled ‘Student Life’. He visited more than 50 publishers but many of them rejected his novel. Publications that praised his work offered Partnered Publication for which the proposed amount of partnership was too high for a student of 10th grade. When a publisher agreed to publish his book, the publishing house closed down.

His struggle and setbacks made him more experienced in the field of Publishing and Printing. That is when he started his own publication house that not only supported authors but other fresh and young talents. Due to challenges faced by the distribution network, the company suffered a huge loss.

Now the company serves two talents: Writing and Painting. It also has an Author Membership Plan to support authors publishing and promotions. They also have a Business Management Services option for a business to run smoother. To bolster poor students with their talents and provide them educational support, an NGO has been initiated by this company – GoliMoli Foundation.

The mission statement of this company is: To provide a platform for the creative talents in different fields. The name comes from Knack meaning “Natural Skill of Doing Anything” and Ardour stands for “Enthusiasm for doing anything”. So it’s Knack Ardour: Natural Skill and Enthusiasm of doing anything. This business is his dream, vision, and everything. He seeks out authors or companies and reaches them for promotions and marketing.

For any queries or assistance, you may contact ‘Ayush Verma & Knack Ardour’ at:

Phone: +919031849218
Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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